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In the past, it would have been extremely difficult for my little girl to learn to play the piano. As a matter of fact, when I first got her piano, I was somewhat disappointed with the results. That was until I discovered how to learn to play piano online! There was a time believed to be years that would be needed for a child to learn to play piano. Why?

Life is hard enough these days, as she gets older. More activities means fewer available slots for weekly piano lessons. Hence, more research the pros and cons for online piano lessons for children. By reading several articles on this topic, I came across several ways to make weekly lessons possible for my daughter. You can get more information about Learn piano

The most popular method, as discussed in many of the articles, is the usage of an app. For example, you can download an app from the iTunes store that will provide step by step lessons in learning to play piano online (many of these lessons are free). The advantages of using such an app are: it is simple to use; it is relatively inexpensive; you can start playing almost immediately; you are able to practice at anytime and anywhere; you do not have to drive to a lesson each week; and, more importantly, you can repeat songs repeatedly without paying for a subscription.

Another way that many parents are discovering is by utilizing streaming video from the internet. For example, YouTube has several videos on how to play piano. These videos offer a great way to expose your child to the piano while teaching basic chords and progressions. Some videos are instructional, while others demonstrate chord progressions and songs. One thing that I highly recommend is the one showing the different chords that can be accomplished by plucking the strings of the guitar.

Finally, I would like to touch on the idea of beginner rock songwriters and aspiring rock musicians trying to find their voices through reading online lessons. The primary advantage of this method, other than the ability to voice yourself through a computer and listening to songs that you love, is that you can learn to play piano online through pop music. The advantage of reading beginner songs (and pop music) is that you will be exposed to many new songs without having to commit to them in your practice time.

I hope you found this article on how to learn to play piano online useful. As we continually move into the age of the iPod and similar electronic devices, the idea of “portable music” is becoming very attractive. If you enjoy pop music, there are literally thousands of songs out there written for pianos. Additionally, as your familiarity with popular songs grows, your ear will develop a connection to unfamiliar songs. The best way to get around this is to study at an online institute that provides access to popular music.

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