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Best For: Free Online Games; totally free! You can play any game you want, anytime and anywhere. Types of Games: Mobile (app) and online (Browser) versions of classic games are available for free on the internet. Many popular free online games are available for free download from the internet. Free Online Adventure Games, Tower Defense Games, Card Games, word games, puzzles, arcade games and trivia games are just some of the many you can play for free.

Best For: Learning & Training. These days, kids as well as adults play free online games that teach and train them various skills such as, decision making, problem solving, teamwork, and sportsmanship etc. You can also play games as a team to get the job done faster. Strategy Games like Command and Conquer 3, Age of Empire, Supreme Commander, Fall of Rome, Universe at War, etc. are a few examples of downloadable games that help kids learn and master important techniques and strategies.

Best For: Budding Animation Artist. All kids love cartoons, right? Well, why not indulge them in an animated cartoon-free world where they can superimpose their favorite cartoon characters on almost every topic they wish to? Animation is a great way to entertain and inform children while they are away from the real world. Some of the best free online games for kids are Balloon Wars, Bubble Shooter, Toy Story Mania, Cooking Games, etc. To make your child an animation artist, download a couple of free browser games and let them play at home. Visit to understand what chances you have.

Best For: Party Games. If you have a birthday party coming up or just want to add a little zest to your child’s birthday celebration, download a few free online games to entertain the kids and keep them busy for hours. From card and board games to word and mind games; there are endless choices of games like this that you can choose from to create an ambiance of fun and excitement at your party. Games like Brain Blast, Backgammon, etc.

Best For: Board Games. Do you love playing games? Are you a total game fanatic? If yes, then it is probably the right time to download free online games to give your mind a rest and prevent boredom at home or work. The games available at the app store, google play, and apple store are perfect for increasing strategic skills, developing problem solving skills, improving mathematical ability, as well as fostering creativity and imagination.

Best for: Mobile Gaming. Free online games are a real boon for people who need to use their mobile devices while they are away from the computer. You do not have to purchase a gaming console to enjoy the latest flash games or strategy games available for mobile players. A simple, short downloaded version of the game will be enough to occupy the little time you have left. You can also invite friends to your party games to play at the same time and get together in a co-op to beat the time.

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