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Masterclass courses, also called expert coaching or advanced coaching, are online educational programs developed for individuals who have earned professional qualification and wish to improve their knowledge level. Yanka industries, doing business under the name MasterClass, is an American internet based education subscription service where learners can access lectures and tutorials recorded by renowned experts in different fields. It is not just an ordinary online teaching tool but an effective one that help in enhancing learning experience and acquiring skills related to any area of interest.

The present writer, Annick Lemon taught for four years at Lehigh University, a private university in Pennsylvania. She then pursued graduate studies in Educational Psychology at the university’s College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. During her tenure as a faculty member at Lehigh University, Dr. Lemie teaches the Masterclass courses in APA Professional Psychology which is a prerequisite for all psychology students. Dr. Lemie also teaches advanced certificates in social anxiety and phobia that are required by all Psychology graduate students.

Apart from these courses, there are many others that Dr. Lemie teaches in his Masterclass. One of these is the Conversational Statistics which is a beginner’s course in Statistics which is taught by Daniel Negreanu. Another is the Statistics for Business which is taught by Neil Wearstler who is an associate professor at New York’s State University of New York up to currently. He also teaches the Masterclass in Information Systems, where he serves as an instructor at Columbia University’s School of Business.

He also teaches the Masterclass in International Business, which is taught by Carlos Santana. Finally, Dr. Lemie also teaches the Masterclass in Social Anxiety which is taught by him too. These courses are taken by various people across the globe. These include corporations and non-profit organizations. In addition to these, he also travels frequently around the world in order to deliver his lectures and train various people on social anxiety. As of now, he is living in London, England.

Apart from the courses that he teaches, he also practices several martial arts styles such as karate, kung fu and judo. As of now, he is practicing judo chop style. Dr. Poilne then travels around the globe performing motivational speeches about mental and physical health, which are commonly known as “The Science of Getting You Noticed”. Some of his travels include motivational speaking engagements in Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa and Japan.

These are just some of the topics that Dr. Lemie tackles in his Masterclass courses. He also gives a lot of his insights and recommendations on how to get the best deal out of life. He is known for his motivational talks as well as his practical approach in helping people improve their quality of life. Annie Leibovitz cooking techniques is one of his major subjects which he highly teaches. Visit Anton Kreil – Trading Masterclass POTM + PFTM + PTMI to understand what chances you have.

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