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There are just so many fun online games out there across different genres, from action to simulations, sports to shooters, war games, and even creative ones where you get to be creative all by yourself with your friends. Many people are beginning to realize just how much fun it is to play fun online games with their friends online, especially now that the World Wide Web is around. Online gaming has become incredibly popular over the last five to ten years, and with many people getting in on the action, they are having a great time. These games are usually free to download and play and they have opened up an entirely new world of fun for people of all ages. Here are just a few fun and exciting games you can play right now online: Visit here for more information about

This one of the most popular games in the App Store. Appiction is a trivia game where you answer questions about popular people and events of the year. You will have a lot of fun answering these questions, whether you are an iPhone user or not. The in-app purchases can add a lot of fun and strategy as you attempt to be the most knowledgeable person in the world about certain topics of interest. If you are new to the world of mobile gaming, you will want to check out Appiction as one of the best and most popular apps out there today.

No discussion of free online games would be complete without mention of another hit on the App Store called Doodle Jump. This game is absolutely everything you would expect from a flash game: fun graphics, great sound effects, lots of levels, leader boards to beat, a great collection of weapons to use and so much more. As if that wasn’t enough, players have the option of picking between different skill sets which will give them a better edge. With many different ways to play the game, players are sure to have as much fun playing Doodle Jump as they would play something completely different. If you enjoy action packed games with a lot of adventure, then you will love Doodle Jump.

If you enjoy free flash games but you also like strategy games, then you will like Battleroyale. Battleroyale is actually a three dimensional version of the popular game called Animal Crossing. Players take on the role of becoming part of this virtual community and having a variety of choices for things to do. In addition to having their own home base in the game, players can join other communities in the area as well.

As you may have guessed, if you enjoy playing battle royale you will really enjoy Doodle Jump. While it doesn’t have every single feature of battle royale, it is still one of the best online games for anyone who enjoys strategy games and animal crossing alike. For free, you can download and try both games for yourself and see which one you enjoy more.

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