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This coverage can help your business recover after a data breach or cyberattack as well as provide risk management tools to protect your small business. “As employers, business owners have a legal obligation to take care of their employees,” reminds Steedman. For some industries, liability insurance is compulsory before you can legally operate, for example, construction or businesses arranging public events or operating certain types of facilities. Business interruption cover pays for ongoing costs that continue after an insured event, regardless of whether the business is closed or substantially affected. These costs include rent, mortgage repayments, fixed electricity, and gas and water charges.

Commercial property insurance, which covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your business premises, or replacing your stock or equipment. The most common mistake that many business owners make is to blindly renew their insurance policies without taking their changing needs into account. Also referred to as catastrophic insurance, this coverage protects you from ‘acts of god,’ such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and man-made disasters, like terrorist attacks.

Identity theft insurance can help protect small businesses and corporations when facing issues that involve identity theft and related types of financial fraud. Depending on the policy, identity theft insurance coverage may help with recovery via assistance with legal and resolution services. Not only is workers’ compensation a required type of small business insurance for most businesses with employees; it may also help shield a small business from bankruptcy if a worker becomes severely injured while on the job. Most of these sorts of claims are capped at particular maximums, and a business may need to pay a deductible or other forms of cost-sharing. It is important to note that workers’ compensation ends once the injured employee returns to work, and that workers’ compensation payments are usually tax-free. Click to know more

These types of coverages are similar in nature, but there may be slight variances depending on the type of work you do. For some contractors and small businesses, this type of insurance instills confidence in their business and can give them an edge over competitors. If your business employs staff, you’re probably legally required to have an employers’ liability insurance policy.

State Farm offers riders to homeowners policies for many home-based businesses. If you have set up your business at home, you can save money by buying a rider instead of a separate policy. If you’re operating a small business, you’re interacting at some level with a customer and this means protecting yourself with insurance. Scale of the business – A business with a larger amount of employees may face a greater likelihood of risks than a business with fewer employees. Similarly, factors such as the condition and size of the business’ property or building also play a key role in determining insurance costs. Additionally, 67 percent of small employers agreed that as their businesses become more digital, they become more vulnerable to cyber security incidents, according to the report.

Even though eHealth focuses on small business health insurance, we’re here to support and inform our small business owners about more than just health coverage. One of the ways we do this is by offering relevant resources designed to help you run a successful and thriving small business, including this guide about major types of small business insurance. If you already have a trusted accountant (and if you don’t, perhaps you should), ask their opinion on types of business insurance coverage. They are likely to shy away from offering you direct advice on this, but they may share some types of insurance that small and midsize businesses can invest in to avoid financial ruin from a lawsuit or a natural disaster.

When considering business insurance, it’s important to think about the covers you might need. You may need commercial property insurance even if you operate from your house – unless you can get a “rider” from your homeowner’s policy to cover your business. The Terrorism Risk and Insurance Act of requires the owners of specific types of commercial property to offer business owners the opportunity to buy insurance coverage against terrorist attacks. The TRIA also included a requirement that business owner’s policies offer terrorism insurance in their packages, although small business owners are not required to purchase this form of coverage. Also known as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability insurance helps cover your legal costs related to claims that your business made errors.

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