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Your plant looks better without dead blossoms clinging to it. And since the main purpose of many plants is to look beautiful, this is a good reason to do it. Second, and arguably more important, however, is that deadheading encourages new growth. When you pinch off the dead growth, this helps push new blossoms out and causes your plant to grow bigger and healthier.

Plants grown for commercial production may be produced from seed, by using traditional propagation techniques, or through tissue culture. In 2002, the wholesale value of foliage plants grown in the United States was roughly 700 million dollars, mostly grown in Florida. In 2018, houseplant growers in the Netherlands produced a billion houseplants for the European market. Seasonally wet forestsIn contrast to the tropical rainforests, the alternately moist or rain-green forests have rainy and dry periods.

Of all the pot materials, plastic pots are the least expensive. Let’s look at pot materials first, the pros and cons of each, and how they impact conditions for your plants. I was simply making some very common, rookie mistakes when it comes to plant care. As a Team, we’ve almost 50 years of hands-on experience and various horticulture skills. So let us help you to grow your knowledge and become a houseplant expert. Our website is for anyone looking for success with indoor gardening.

While some plants prefer to live in moist soil, the vast majority of plants do best when you allow the soil to dry out between watering. “”This little-known succulent deserves to take American living rooms by storm,”” says Tovah Martin, author of The Unexpected Kamerplanten in pot Kalanchoe thyrsiflora’s wavy, red-tipped leaves read as one massive bloom—one whose striking looks last year-round. Ideally, for a large plant, pots that are the same size it is growing in is preferable. When transplanting because a plant has outgrown its current pot, shift to a pot 2-4 inches larger in diameter. Select the larger size pots for indoor plants that grow quickly.

That said, the extent to which these plants can purify the air is very minimal. Some interior home plants help in preventing bacteria from settling down at home. Jade plants are most known for their thick, oval-shaped leaves. Jade plants can live for years as long as they are given the proper care. To keep your plant’s leaves nice and shiny, wipe them down every once in a while to combat dust build up.

When learning how to take care of outdoor potted plants, some of the concerns are the same as they are with indoor plants. You’ll still want to take care to use a good potting soil mix. You’ll still want a pot that gives the plant room to grow and has plenty of drainage. However, there are a few additional concerns that will come into play when caring for outdoor plants.

Indirect light is best and you should also give them plenty of water, being careful not to over-saturate the soil. Hang the pot from a modern macrame holder or plant it in a woven basket for a boho feel. Indirect light is ideal for these plants (also called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue), along with light waterings that take place only after the soil has fully dried. If you have more questions about what you can be doing to keep your plants happy and healthy, then we’d love to chat with you.

“Go about an inch or two larger than the plastic pot that they’re in,” says Satch. “A 6-inch plant should go in a 7- or 8-inch pot so it has room to grow, because the goal is always to have your plants grow. Teasing out, means you are gently pulling on the compacted roots to loosen and free them from the tight bundle.

Use small plants in mixed baskets and with other foliage plants in tabletop gardens. This versatile foliage plant’s dainty demeanor makes it suitable for hanging baskets or pots. It’s among the best houseplants for training on topiary forms or using as a groundcover beneath larger houseplants. Place English ivy on a mantel or shelf where the stems can hang down.

The main positive of repotting your houseplant is that you’ll likely get more visible growth above the soil, for example, a bigger and healthier looking plant. Another advantage means you’ll have to water it less because if a plant has completely filled its pot with roots there is then less space for water to be retained. Add a tropical touch to your apartment with a verdant bird-of-paradise plant. These plants, native to South Africa and known for their showy flowers, can also thrive indoors, though they’re unlikely to bloom in those conditions.

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