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A new rose will always look more beautiful with its backdrop of glass and light, but if you want your rose to sparkle even more, there are ways that you can add to this effect. You can place a mini-lights of different colors and shapes, along with a rose bud vase, in your bedroom or sitting room. However, you do not have to just decorate it. Instead, follow these simple steps to make your rose and glass dome stand out more! So far, we have discussed some ways to enhance the vase and flowers by changing their colors and by adding some accessories.

Easy to Decorate: STEP 1: Get rid of all the fake flowers and old CDs inside your gift box. Then, wrap the LED light strip or diodes evenly on the rose, cover the glass, and add 3 AA batteries inside. Please note.

Place the flower arrangement inside the glass dome, then add some more light to it. To transform the color of your rose and to create a more enchanting effect, you can put some more LED lights and vases. This will give your rose a bright color and it will be more beautiful than ever. To make the lights twinkling, you can add some more beads or crystal beads. You can also put a candle inside the flowerpot. The combination of the three things will create an enchanting ambience.

Add Some Decorative Items: Since your rose gift glass dome is already beautiful, you do not have to add many other decorations. The basic decoration is enough to transform the scene inside it. First, you can put a few rosebuds near the flowerpot. Then, arrange some moss on the base so that it will look like a rose garden. It will be a great added touch, if you will put some flowering cherry tomatoes as well. Let us know more about this by clicking on the given link

Make Your Gift Personalized: One very special thing that you can do with this ornament is to make it personalized. If you want, you can engrave names, dates, or even a short line of the poem on its base. This will definitely make your gift more unique and truly women chic. Also, to complete the look, you can place some beads, buttons, and ribbons. A personal touch is always appreciated.

All in all, a rose and glass dome are one of the most elegant and beautiful present you can give to your woman. Since it is a unique present designed specifically to give roses, it is guaranteed to delight and impress any women. So, if you are planning to buy this for your wife, make sure that you are buying this women chic accessories for women charms at Salehoo – a leading online wholesale directory.

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